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Re: Cryptocorynes

>Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 12:45:23 -0400
>From: Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs_toronto.edu>
>Subject: Re: Cryptocorynes
>> Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 20:08:21 EDT
>> From: Dennis8425 <Dennis8425 at aol_com>
>> My best success with crypts were in 29 gallon tanks with only 20 watts of
>> flor.
>> lighting for 18 hours a day and darkness for 6 hours a day.  Under these
>> conditions
>> they usually multiplied to the point where I'd have to thin out 50% of the
>> plants
>> every 3 months.
>I realize that "me toos" are not too useful, but the above so exactly
>describes my experience with a crypt called 'C.affinis' many years ago,
>that I thought I'd me-too anyway, in hopes of encouraging others.
>I had a plain gravel substrate.  Since this was before gravel vacuuming
>siphons, the gravel was full of mulm.  I had similar lighting, and a layer
>of water sprite on top.  I thinned out (and sold) the water sprite monthly
>and the crypts 3 or 4 times a year.
>Does anyone here know the current name for 'C.affinis'?

I believe it is still called C. affinis. Amazing! It is not as common in
the trade anymore because it can't be grown hydroponically.

This is a facinating plant.. supposed to be one of the easiest to grow..
but also can be very difficult. I can say me too, to the description
above,...including keeping it with water sprite.... but that was before I
got sophisticated with plant growing  AND was growing them in very soft
water. For me it was VERY DIFFICULT to grow and maintain stable populations
of affinis unless it was in monoculture with added calcium to the
substrate. The plant likes the old timey techniques of just adding
replacement water (instead of changing water) and allowing mulm to
accumulate. It loves to be crowded and seems to grow faster in an
established colony. Other ways to success for people with VERY soft water
include using a harder source of water or using a little dolomite in a
filter or substrate (who says there shouldn't be any lime in the tank?).
With enough minerals, it does not mind as much growing together with other
plants. Now, I can grow it like the old days. :-)

Regarding earlier post on JP response to a problem with crypts....
>Any ideas as to the cause of my Cryptocoryne leaf curl and lack of
>>>lush growth?
>This is a well known problem... Add active charcoal during 5 days in your 
>filter and then Fertilize with CO2... and your cryptocoryne will grow 
>on... :-)

  The idea of charcoal is interesting... what does it do?

Neil Frank, AGA