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American flagfish

Hi all,

Someone had suggested getting the hard to find American Flagfish to help
control algae, well...I found some at PetSmart today called American
Flagfish, but I was told that they do not eat algae and are not
scavengers, plus they tended to be a bit aggressive.  They didn't look
like a scavenger type fish--about the size of a giant danio w/a flag
looking thingy on their sides.  They only cost .99, but I declined
because I want an algae eater.  Their scientfic name was  Jordanella
Floridae--is this the same fish that you all say to get?

I ended up just getting 5 fish called algae eaters to go along w/my 5
small plecos who ain't doin' nuthin' towards my hair algae!!
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