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Hair algea questions

I just added some new plants to my tank and went off for a weeks vacation.
Came back to find explosive growth and a bad case of hair or beard algae The
black long stringy stuff that is so hard to remove) . I must have brought it
in on the new plants even though none of them have it. I have never had this
before in any tank. Also afraid that maybe my house sitter over feed too?

I just read the archives and need a bit more info. From what I read SAE's
will eat this stuff. Where can I mail order some from? We can not get them
in out area.

Will American flagfish eat this? If so where can I get them? Again petshops
here are limited and I have never seen them.

Are there any other fish or snails or shrimp that will make a dent in this?

At the moment I plan to remove as many infected leaves as possible, shorten
light to 10 hours and keep doing weekly water changes. Any other

Oh yes, this is the tank that had the bad sand(?) in it. I replaced the
substrate a few weeks ago and it is now growing like it should have. This
really convinces me there was something in the sand that was killing the

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