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Re: phosphate

> Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:40:25 -0400
> From: "josée lévesque" <obom at pop_total.net>
> Which product has been known to be very efficient to lower the phosphate
> in the tank.I used PHOS-ZORB but i am not happy with it and it is very
> expensive for a 70 gallons tank.
> tanks
> Josée Lévesque
> Montréal Canada

Do you know why you have a high phosphate level?  How high is it? 
If it is higher than your tap water, you can lower it by doing larger
and more frequently water changes.  You can also decrease feeding or
the number of fish in the tank.  Another dodge is to increase the amount
of planting, possibly using terrestrial plants with their roots in the
tank.  Is the phosphate causing problems, such as excessive algae growth?

One of the real chemists on the list can probably help you better than
I, but if your tap water is high in phosphate, and you don't need soft
water for your fish, it may be possible to precipitate phosphate by
adding calcium, e.g. calcium chloride.  You would add the calcium to
tap water and let it rest for a day or two so the calcium phosphate 
can settle.  I don't know how practical this is in your case.

I hope this helps!