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Re: Cryptocorynes

> Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 20:08:21 EDT
> From: Dennis8425 <Dennis8425 at aol_com>
> My best success with crypts were in 29 gallon tanks with only 20 watts of
> flor.
> lighting for 18 hours a day and darkness for 6 hours a day.  Under these
> conditions
> they usually multiplied to the point where I'd have to thin out 50% of the
> plants
> every 3 months.

I realize that "me toos" are not too useful, but the above so exactly
describes my experience with a crypt called 'C.affinis' many years ago,
that I thought I'd me-too anyway, in hopes of encouraging others.

I had a plain gravel substrate.  Since this was before gravel vacuuming
siphons, the gravel was full of mulm.  I had similar lighting, and a layer
of water sprite on top.  I thinned out (and sold) the water sprite monthly
and the crypts 3 or 4 times a year.

Does anyone here know the current name for 'C.affinis'?