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Plecos in planted tanks

>Date: 04 May 98 09:39:13 +0000
>From: Christopher.Holloway
>Subject: Kelly and her Pleco
.... I have not 
>     found your claim re: supplemental feeding to be necessary, although my 
>     tanks usually contain a large amount of wood - as someone else has
>     Loricariids will tend to spend much of their time looking for

Chris, I'm glad you have had good experiences with plecos but I'm sticking
by my advice. Maybe one *can* keep big plecos in a planted tank but my
experience says "don't". The smaller algae eaters that are more concerned
with eating algae than sword plant leaves are better residents for planted
tanks. And yes, I have definately had a pleco attack other fish... they
like to suck on the slime coat of larger fish. I didn't believe it until I
caught mine right in the act. There are always exceptions to the rule.
Perhaps your plecos were well brought up by their mother. The one I had was
a delinquent. <g> 

in Vancouver where it is summer already... hot and dry!
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