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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #113

>From: Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Subject: why
>A question has been bugging me and I can't sleep. The apd is boring
>lately so here is my question:
>"Why do we participate in the aquatic plant digest and with other
>organizations like local aquatic clubs and the Aquatic Gardeners
Hi all,

I've only ever been lurking so far. The only reason I read this list (2
years)is to
get rid of my black brush algae, the only real problem I've had in my last 2
tanks. So far I did not see anything relevant.

Let me further introduce myself. I live in Belgium, I'm 42 , wife and 2
children, working in a bank . I kept fish when I was little and did not know
anything. Now I read a lot of books/magazines/newsgroups and recently bought
a new tank.

My present tank is a Jewel Delta corner tank, about 30 gallons. It is lit
12h/day by 2 Triton 18W bulbs+reflectors. It has 4-5 inches of 3-4mm sand,
bottom layer mixed with Sera Florena(peat?). Rena 15W 220V heating cable on
all the time except summer. No additional heating. Temp is 25 celsius , a
bit lower at night.I have a Sera C02 reactor on it (6 bubbles/min), but it
has been empty for a while now.Fish: 1 fully grown ancistrus, 1 fully grown
"false" siamese algae eater, 1 Corydoras Trilineatus, 2 neons (all leftovers
from my first 10 gallon ) and 50-60 Variatus platy's in various sizes(Too
much , I know, but I started with only 3). All fish are healthy, never a
problem with any diseases.Filtration is a Juwel filter with Fine/Coarse
sponge, 1L Siporax and Floss.Water Changes 10% every 2/3 weeks. Plants are
Cabomba(doing very well, no BBA, needs pruning regularly, less so without
CO2), Anubias Nana, Bacopa caroliniana, Echinodorus Sp. and Microsorium
Pteropus. PH about 7, KH about 6, GH about 10 (German Degrees).Various Tetra
Dry foods, sometimes dryfreeze mosquito larvae.

As I said, the problem is the BBA, covering the Anubias completely, old
leaves of echinodorus too, some stones(NOT all of them!), one Juwel
background(NOT the other one) and all roots but one.I believe the BBA came
with a crypt to my previous aq. My Platy's tug at it violently, but mostly
in vain.

Since my CO2 ran out and I stopped fertilizing (Sera Florena liquid or
tablet) completely things start looking a little better. The Echinodorus
reaaly started putting out leaves. Cabomba grows slower, new anubias leaves
still aren't covered with BBA.

I would like to get rid of the stuff completely.