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RE: Kelly and her big pleco

Chris wrote:

     Olga - I don't think Kelly is making *that* many errors. With a bit
     persistence and forethought plecos make a fun addition to a big
     I have had about a dozen big plecos (a couple up to 2 foot) in a
     of tanks, including heavily planted tanks

Thanks, Chris for that :)  However, I SHOULD have ask before I bought,
it was a bit impulsive, although I did ask at the LFS and 2 guys assured
me he would be fine :)  I DO know better than to totally listen to them,
thou!  Anyhoo, I had the big pleco for about 24hrs and did end up taking
him back--he didn't eat the plants but he did knock them down and out
and I decided I didn't want to replant my tank everyday.  I got 5 small
plecos in his place and am now on the search for a few oto's and Am.
flagfish to help out.  I don't know what to do if these 5 small plecos
grow to be that big--i'm hoping they stay small ;)


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