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I have started.

I have added plantes to my aquarium about a week ago.  I have added
r.macaranda, e tennelus, e.andreixi(maybe something else), Hygrophila
polysperma, or lacustris,and difformis, java fern, bolbitis, and a small
sample of java maoss which came along for the ride.  
	The hygrophilla polysperma had very few roots and is slowly rotting. 
It has a brown algal plaqua on it.  The difformis has more roots and
seems to be doing better.  Of the two echinodorus species the tenulus is
doing better.  The posable andriexi had alot of damage in transport and
many of the leaves are are turning transperent and thin and slowly
dyeing, but new leaves near the bottom are green and seem to be
growing.  The damaged leaves are being fed apon by my leatacara
	I have made a DYI yeast reactor and plan to start it tomorrow.  
A couple of quetions first.  

1)Should I prune the damaged leaves off the sword.

2)Accourding to my test kit my KH is 0 and my Ph is 7.  I do have a  
couple of limestone rocks in the tank.(90 gallon)  Will I have    
problems with PH swings if I start the reactor.                
3)I am looking for fontalis antipyretica var.gracilis.  Any ideas of  
where I can mail-order any.

Aint nature grand