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Re: Plant trimming

In a message dated 98-05-02 17:06:08 EDT, 
 OK, the other plant that has grown out of the water is a Apon ulvaceus. 
 It appears to be a flower stem--the part that grew out it a single stem
 w/a bud still inside the stem (hasn't bloomed yet), but is waving out of
 the water!
 Another plant that is almost to the top is a crinum natans.  I will have
 to do something to it today I'm sure. >>

There was a prior mentioning about the stalks of Amazon Sword plants.
With the Amazon sword stalks I make it a practice to bend these down
and weight them so they are on the surface of the gravel.  Usually from 
doing this I get baby plants in a few days.

As far as trimming leaves that are getting to big I have found this usually 
more detrimental than helpfull.  Usually it is the newer leaves that are
bigger than othe older growth that is starting to dye out.  By removing this
new growth  I have killed several beutiful plants.  The other course I find
works better is to transplant the plant into a bigger aquarium mainly one that
taller.  Unfortunatly my tallest aquariums are 24" high so when the plants
these tanks they usually go back to the LPS.  When the LPS sees plants this
size there eyes usually pop up with desire.
 <<I am very amazed how quickly these plants are growing--they are all
 sending out roots like crazy--it must be my lighting(400W MH).  I do

Kelly with 400Watts of power how big are these tanks?  And what are you using
as a cycling time?