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>Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 09:19:49 -0500
>From: Mark Pellegri <mark.pellegri at wcom_com>
>Subject: Re: IDIOTIC REPLYS - I agree
>For a group that supposedly shares so many common interests, you
>people sure do argue a lot. In particular, the supposed gurus of planted
>aquaria on the list - some of whom regularly publish magazine articles -
>more often than not provide responses that are sassy, smarmy,
>dismissive, and condescending. They always have an exasperated air,
>as though it is through some higher calling they feel put upon to educate
>the ignorant plebeian masses. Those of us who read regularly all realize
>that you are providing free professional advice on your own time. For
>your own benefit (and sanity) a beginner (i.e. potential customer) would
>- - in most cases - rather get no responses than ones that are hurtful
>and/or embarassing. 

Actually, this group is outstandingly good at responding to the questions
on this list, even if they are off-topic.  When I read the original post, I
first thought: "Why did this person post this question to this list?"  Then
I thought: "Hmmmm, I wonder if he has chlorinated/chloraminated water that
he's not treating properly or maybe too much copper in the tap."  Either
way, the aquaria FAQ (at caltech and also mirrored on the fins site at
actwin.com) provides plenty of information in this direction.  The FAQ was
explicitly referred to in the "Welcome" message to the APD the last time I
saw it.  It also contains guidelines for how to formulate a problem
question in a way that can be answered intelligently.  The post in question
did not include enough information for anyone to begin to presume to
speculate on what could've been wrong with that person's aquarium

>I hope you all can consider this input in the spirit in which it was

It appears to be a complaint towards the attitude of those people who have
taken huge amounts of time to research aquatic plants to great detail.
However, if you approach a cardiologist and ask how to treat a migraine,
maybe a response that places emphasis on the type and quality of question
is appropriate.  I would've responded similarly to Roger Miller's response
if I had responded.

David W. Webb