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Re: Plant substrate [?] mystery- IDIOTIC REPLYS

On 2/5/98 5:48 AM, pitney at alecto_physics.uiuc.edu (John Pitney) wrote:

>> From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
>> Subject: Re: Plant substrate [?] mystery- IDIOTIC REPLYS
>> [...]  
>> Since my dictionary describes a "prig" as "one who is precise to an 
>> extreme in attention to principle or duty", I think they are more 
>                                           ^^
>> than welcome on this list.  I would take that as a compliment.
>Commas go before the quotes.  Are "grammar prigs" more than welcome?

Whether the comma goes before the quote depends on whether George wanted 
to quote the comma (if one was in the original text - I haven't looked up 
my dictionary since it will be different to yours) or not. If he did want 
to so quote, he would have placed 2 commas in the sentence - one before 
the quotes and one after - because the comma that is there is doing a 
genuine piece of work on it's own.

David "who feels like being a grammar prig to support any other prig who 
wants to post"