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trimming plants

Hi all,

I've got a couple plants that have already grown out of the water--tall
ways!!  They have only been planted for 14 days!!  One is an amazon
sword, not sure of the other.  My question is how do I trim the plants? 
Do I just snap of the protruding part or can I cut it off at the bottom
of the stem and then stick the stem elsewhere in the tank and expect it
to grow?  I have a 120g tank, layer of duplarit G and a 400W MH light.

BTW, I bought a GIANT pleco to eat the algae that is just starting.  He
is about 1/2 lb of fish, maybe 15 inches long.  The LFS has had him for
about 2 weeks and I've been looking at him--they said he came out of a
100g tank and they stuck him in a 20g--he has looked sooo sad and they
cut his price in half, so I took him.  He knocked a few plants out, but
not bad--that was my main concern w/him.  I will have to watch that he
doesn't eat the plants w/the algae--he has a huge mouth!!

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