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Re: Clown Loaches eating plants

Frank Jones wrote:

> I am new to both the list and plants. I have had fish-only tanks for
> and have begun digesting information about plants. I have added to my
> discus/clown loach tank several plants. My questions would be do clown
> loaches eat plants? They have "snipped" several but seem to leave the
> bunches alone. Also my discus seem to nip at the java moss. Any help
> be appreciated.
Hungry Clown Loaches will punch holes in some broad leaf plants and nibble
at others if there is not sufficient food to keep their "bellies" full. 
They are beautiful and can be kept without them causing this problem by
keeping a piece of raw *cucumber* weighted down in the aquarium. Young
Clown Loaches also love *banana*!  Try both on yours and the problem is
solved.  Remove what is not eaten in three days.

Merrill Cohen, AGA