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Plants for UG filter

Hi All,

I'm a newbie here and had some questions.  I have a 20H aquarium with an undergravel filter. Here goes:

1. I recently set up a yeast-method CO2 system.  The bubbles sit for a while in sideways jar before coming to the top.  With all the surface activity due to my UG filter, am I wasting my time and space with this set-up?

2. What plants would you recommend for an undergravel filter? What fertilizers?

3. Is the substrate point moot with regards to UG filters?  If so, how can I compensate?

4. I recently gutted my Perfecto 24" striplight which held one 18" 15 watt perfect-a-lamp bulb and installed wiring for two 23 watt compact flourescent screw-in bulbs.  The tank is MUCH brighter but the bulbs are only 3000K. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for any help.  I've had my aquarium for 6 or 7 years now but only recently discovered the aquarium interest on the net.  I'm excited about having a tank full of plants (if I can ever get there).  One other problem is the availibility here in Abilene Texas.  Can anyone recommend a good mail-order supplier?  I've been looking for one that has pictures of the plants (since I don't know the names) but haven't had much luck.

Thanks again.