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plant eating fish

A while ago I promised to post a list of plant eating fish.  Here is what I
discovered based on the posts I received and my own experience.  

Fish 			Plants attacked

Angels		Vals
clown loaches	red mellon sword
rainbowfish		Mexican Oak Leaf, soft plants
Congo Tetras	Anubias spp +  red plants
Ancistrus		Anubias spp
Kribensis		Anubias spp
SAEs			Anubias spp, mayaca, rotala wallachii
elephant nose	anything, pokes holes in them
emporor tetra	duckweed

What I gleaned From the Responses
Several of the posters experienced problems when the fish were not fed for
a long period.  Most people report a reduction in damage when cucumber or
lettuce is given.  Some have also said that the damage did not always start
immediately the offender was placed in the tank. Sometimes for as many as a
couple of years there has been no damage and then it suddenly starts. 
There are many people who keep these type of fish with plants and do not
experience such damage that the plant can't outgrow it.

Barbs were not mentioned in the posts.  I have heard that they are plant
eaters.  If anyone can shed some light on barbs or any other plant eating
fish send me a post.  I will update information periodically.

David Brooks