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	Hello all,
	Frank covered the basic husbandry of these fishes, but I'll add a
little. The biggest problem associated with keeping these fishes is that
it is nearly impossible to tell where they came from. This is a problem
because some spp. are found pretty far north (in Asia) and come from
climates much cooler than the average tropical tank. Look at the two most
common names: Chinese pleco and Borneo sucker. If the shipment you receive
is out of China then they are hardly tropical fishes. If they are out of
Borneo then they need tropical conditions. But, which do you have? I would
suggest a temp around 72-73F while in quarantine. Adjust the temp a little
up and down and watch the fish closely. Try to find a happy medium.
Remember that most spp. come from rushing mountain streams and would not
be suitable for a planted tank.
	Check out the following:
	Inger & Chin. 1962. The Freshwater Fishes of North Borneo.
Fieldiana: Zoology Vol. 45 (There is also a 1990 supplement by Chin). Lots
of great info on habitat, sexual dimorphism, etc.
	Roberts T. 1989. The Freshwater Fishes of Western Borneo.
California Academy of Science. Great photos and a nice key to the spp. of
	The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. This is THE journal of SE Asian
zoology. You should be able to find some papers of use in it. Put out by
the National Univ. Singapore.
	The other major concentration of these fishes is, mainly south,
China. However, there are few books out there on Chinese fishes. There is
a new one by Ding, but it is all in Chinese (nice pictures though).

	We are way off plants now so I'll wrap this up. Feel free to
contact me by e-mail.

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