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Nupro valve

Not to reiterate, but I will a bit:)
I have the Nupro S series metering valve and it works great.  It is not
designed as a shut off valve, but will stop the flow of such low back
pressures.  I have operated it at a pressure as high as 65psi and no
problems.  Although I should note, I am currently running at about 15psi.
As someone else mentioned(George?) the flow stops before my valve is
seated, so I would guess you have another problem.  
1)  First thing I would check is Eric's idea with the knob.  The easiest
possible solution.
2) Another easy mistake is, check to make sure you connected it correctly.
Most meddle valves have a designed flow direction.  Some of my nupro valves
have a arrow on them indicating this.
3) Since needle valves are capable of such low flow rates, their parts are
small and therefore fragile.  If a needle valve is shut down to tight it is
possible to damage the needle itself or the seat.  I do belive these valves
can be disassembled to check for damage.  
4) There is always the possibility that the particular valve you have may
be damaged or since there is not labeling on them, the wrong one.
5) Debris can also be a problem.  Teflon tape is a common culprit.  Again
with such fine offices in needle valves a small piece of debris could hold
the valve open just enough to offer you the headaches you're experiencing.  
   I will have to say that this valve is a good choice, and that it will
work, check out all the offered information and make sure it is not a
mistake or defect.  

Good luck,