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New algae in my tank


I am new to this list, but I have been keeping plants in my tank for 
several years now with mostly good results.  Recently though, I have 
had an outbreak of an algae I have not seen previously.  It is growing 
on the upper portions of Val and crinum leaves, and a little on melon 
sword leaves.  It has bluish green, sometimes branching filaments. 
 Most of it can be pulled off fairly easily, although I think I am 
just removing the bulk of the algae, not the base.  It feels coarse.

Anyone know what this is?  Is it "the dreaded Oedinum (sp?) green 
thread algae (feels like horse hair)"?  If so, how can I control it?

All plants are growing rapidly, shrimp are reproducing regularly.

Setup is :  55 gal tank
                Two F40 Chroma 50's and two Chroma 75's nearly 6 
months old
                CO2 via yeast generator into power head
                Two sponge filters on power heads
                3" gravel enriched with red clay
                1 Gourami, 1 dwarf rainbow, 1 Oto, 1 small pleco or 
paroto, 30-40 ghost shrimp
                Uncountable burrowing snails
                30-40 Hygrophila stems
                4 huge watersprite rooted in substrate + several 
                1 Melon sword
                150 or so stems of unknown bunch plants
                30 stems of anacharis
                1 crypt
                1 crinum (new, probably brought this plague)
                25 vals (Italian?)
                Bunch of Java moss
                large clump of Java fern
As I said, I have not seen this type of algae before, so any 
information would be appreciated.

Steve Garinger

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