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Water viscosity w/white clouds

Hi Folks,
I lurk to learn but I have experienced a recent horror that has devastated my
plants, fish and me.
Memorial day I did my water changes 30% all tanks except a 10 gallon. Two
days later all my tanks were milk white except the 10gal. All my fish (16)
were dead in the plant tank, SAE's, baby rainbows, cory cat, ghost shrimp,
otos and flying fox. The tests for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate were dead
zero. In my goldfish tanks the bio converters seemed to react and clear the
water in a few days. The Merlin developed a band of dark coloration about six
inches tall. All goldfish survived. A few days ago the 10 g tank clouded too.
Fish died also. I started to pull plants to clean up and they were like jelly
fish. The root mass of Java ferns were filled with a clear gel, the tank
water was thick too. I dipped the jellied plants into a potassium permangnate
bath and it turned brown in minutes. The jelly dissolved also. If you ever
noticed a slime on the sides of a tank this is what the whole tank was.
The water company reported no problems but were flushing hydrants. I also
noticed a repair whole in the street a few blocks away next to a hydrant. I
was feeding the baby rainbows infusoria made from lettuce leave cultures. I
have changed the water twice and it continues to re cloud in the plant tank.
No bio converter there, now the plants are all yellowing. I yeast inject the
plant tank. I will be putting a UV unit on the plant tank today. Any ideas,
leads, hunches are appreciated.
Thank you all,