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Far-Red light?

I just read back through the archive posts on the subject
of Far-Red light and aquatic plant growth and I'm feeling
more confused then when I started... (grin)
I've got two 10 gallon tanks with a good amount of Anachris
in them.  laying across these tanks is a shop light
with two 48" GE Plant Lights... (The ones that boast
about their high product of far-red light)
(Those plastic sleeves that are designed to protect you when
a flourescent tube breaks are great by the way...)

So?  Should I be out looking for different bulbs? I seem to be 
getting noticable growth from my Anachris in the course of 
a couple days...  (my substrate is gravel with entirely too
much pl*co poop in it) Anyone have some experiences 
with Anachris growth rates they want to share?

Ed Smith
Cap Gemini America