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Re: Artist's Clay?

> Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 20:44:40 -0700
> From: Mike Bishoff <mbishoff at excell_com>
> It may not be laterite, but it is locally and easily available. I'm
> planning on letting it dry out and then smashing it into dust and
> mixing with 2-3mm gravel and placing in first 1'' of substrate, then a
> layer of fine sand and then 2-3mm gravel. *Very* low tech...
> Thoughts?

Have you thought about doing any experimentation to see if the use of
the red clay is better or worse than plain gravel or other additives?
This is difficult if you're setting up a single tank, of course.  If
you have existing tanks, how about putting the same plants in some low
and wide pots, one with plain gravel, one with plain gravel and sand,
one with red clay, one with top soil, etc.  See if you can see any
difference in growth.