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NJ plant sources

KHaggblom at aol_com wrote: <<<<< (...) I've found a
great source for aquatic plants in Hackensack NJ called Reef Encounter.
have a ton of neat stuff, but all they could tell me about Nesaea is
that it
needs intense light and a rich susbstrate. >>>>>

Have you had the chance to stop by the Aquatropics store in Clifton, NJ
(Rt. 46 W, just before the merger of Rt. 3 W)? They have consistently a
good selection of plants, normally in very good shape, although slightly
more expensive than at Reef Encounter (where unfortunately sometimes the
plants are quite "depressed": when in good shape, they are very
reasonably priced). Mr. Fish in Oakland, NJ does not normally have a
wide selection of plants, but it is a fact that the large Echinodorus
(bleheri. horemanni) I got from him have been doing consistently and
exceptionally well. He may be worth a stop, maybe after having checked
on the phone what the current availability is.