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Re: Black Beauty Sand

Gee, I can't believe they sell this stuff in a *pet shop*.  I have a bag at home
that I use for sandblasting (which is what it's normally used for).  Since
there have been a few posts about it lately, I decided to take a close look at
the stuff.  First, the particles are *really* small (finer than regular masonry
or play sand).  Second, I don't think I'd like the looks of it in an aquarium. 
Third, since it's used for sandblasting, the particles are *sharp*.  Fourth,
since I knew it was slag, I figured it was high in iron, and, sure enough, it
is.  So I don't consider it inert.

I remember seeing some gruesome data on Black Beauty recently, so I
searched the APD.  In case anybody missed it, here's the post from Jon
Wilson made on Mon, 17 Mar 1997:

>I used a black sand called something like Marvel black beauty.
>It was very high in Fe and was highly magnetic. It was also very
>sharp. A little piece stuck to a magnetic scraper would scratch
>the glass. It also found its way into small crevices in plants
>and damaged them.
>I finally quit using it after an autopsy showed it had shredded
>the inside of a fish. Other than the sharpness and magnetism,
>it was great.

It just doesn't sound too appealing.  I think I'll stick to quartz.