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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #737

>Duplagan is optional.  It's mostly a water conditioner to help the fish
>through the minor trauma of a water change.  It contains some magnesium.
>It's very expensive.   

I do not agree with that. I have use a quantity of different products to transform my tap water into good water for the aquarium. Since I am using DuplaGan with DuplaBacter, both in exact quantities, my plants are growing very fast !

DuplaGan is the only water preparatory that permit (with DuplaBacter) to make plant photosynthesis easily. Normally, some little bubbles come from the leaves of the plants to the water surface. It's done by the transformation of CO2 into some glucids buy the plants which give these oxygen (O2) bubbles. The transformation is done both by a tropical water (DuplaGan) and some special bacteria (DuplaBacter, which is the only product to contain alive bacteria which work as soon as they are in the tank. DuplaBacter contains may different bacteria, and also those that help photosynthesis.

I add some 'DuplaPlant24' (9 drops in my 430 litres tank) every morning, and everything is ok. I must say that a good photosynthesis of the plants is due to both what I have written above in conjunction with sufficient light. If, for example, you add a great quantity of CO2, and you don't see these nice photosynthesis bubbles, it's probably because the light is not sufficient.

I use laterite in the substrate too.

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