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Reverse UGF

My 70 gallon tank (80 watts of light) has RUGF and I have had it set 
up with Amazon Swords and Jungle Val twice.  Both time the Jungle Val 
has grown 10 foot leaves, currently I have three Jungle Val plants 
they all have 5-10 leaves each.  The problem is that they don't seem 
to like setting off runners, but this is likely to be caused by 
something else.  The Swords won't get over a foot tall, they have 50 
leaves but are short.  The plant that spawned this sword is in a 4" 
clay pot (peat covered by half an inch of gravel) 29 gallon tank with 
a powerhead on a sponge filter, 86 degrees, and low light which has 50 
leaves and leaves that stick out of the water.
Warwick_d at bls_gov
From: Jeremy Adams <adamsm at ucs_orst.edu>
Subject: Filering

Has any one noticed if running a reverse flow UG filter has any 
or negative affects on plants?

Jeremy Adams
Oregon State University