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Eggs in the pond

It is virtually certain that the "gelatinous spheres" are amphibian eggs, but
it is not certain WHICH amphibian! :-) 

Most likely they will be toad or frog eggs, but Salamandar eggs are possible.
In any event, the WORST thing that would happen would be that they have NO
effect on the pond at all.  Generally speaking, the tadpoles (frogs or toads)
or water dogs (little salamanders) eat nothing but algae, which benefits the

Keep an eye on 'em, and enjoy the "population explosion" that you are about
to experience. 

Oh, yes - little kids are FASCINATED by tadpoles. You might want to keep the
presence of tadpoles a secret, or you will find every kid in walking or bike
riding distance showing up with jars to "Can I get some of your tadpoles,
mister!"  :-)