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Necessity of Laterite?

Hello all,

In my continuing "pouring" through past posts to the digest, I have come to 
question the necessity of laterite, as well as some questions concerning 
fertilizers (liquid and substrate):

- Many previous posters claim great results with "simple substrate" (either 
sand or gravel)... What is everyone's opinion?
- I'm debating between DuplaPlant 24 and Flourish. In my review of past 
postings, I've heard nothing but good stuff about both products. Both 
products are very inexpensive, considering the potency (250 ml of flourish 
could treat my tank for many years; 100 mL of DuplaPlant 24 could treat my 
tank for 1+ years). Which way should I go? Perhaps a little bit of both!?
- I have also heard plenty of good stuff about Flourish tablets. These 
aren't "drop in" tablets, rather they are tablets that are buried in the 
substrate. Perhaps if I use these instead of laterite?


P.S. I'm sure there's more questions! :) <G>