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Echinodorus/ Ancistrus wars!

Help! The older, larger leaves of my E.bleheri have been getting thinner and thinner.
They now appear to be almost translucent, except for the veins.  I kind of think they 
are being "sucked" by my Ancistrus which I introduced about one month ago.  Does this 
seem like a plausible cause?  I have been feeding him Zuccini which he loves, and 
basically camps out on until it is gone.  I do see him on the leaves of the plant but 
not to the extent of the damage.  Maybe at night?  At this point should I remove all the 
damaged leaves and maintain zuccini at all times for him or could this damage be a result 
of something else?  I'd like him to suck at the algae and not just zuccini.
Donald Rudee		in: "home of the liquid sunshine", Seattle.