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How to stimulate Java Fernlets

Hello all,
	I have some Java Fern that is well-established.  The planted fern
is >1 year old and ever-increasing in diameter.  Three others are rooted
onto either rock or logs, and are growing more slowly.  They are still
growing "well," however.
	Anyway, they all seem to have stopped growing fernlets on their
leaves.  When I first planted them, the fernlets would grow on almost every
leaf.  I haven't seen hide nor hair of a fernlet for nearly 4 months.
	I could, I suppose, break apart one of the plants; but, they are
all becoming lush forests and I'd hate to risk ruining that.
	My other option is to stimulate growth of fernlets.  Does anyone
have any suggestions for accomplishing this?  Is it as simple as cutting
off a leaf (or root) and putting it somewhere in the tank.  Will the leaf
know that it is dying and start to grow a little fern?
	It _did_ cross my mind that the reason they don't reproduce is
because they are growing well.  Then again, that theory ("times are good,
let's not reproduce") doesn't seem to make sense.