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Re: Many questions (few answers)

> Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 07:58:06 -0400
> From: WebServices <webservices at elam-software_com>
> Subject: Many Questions...
> Hello,


>Now the questions:
> - - Which "generic" shop light brands are the quietest? I've noticed that 
> many produce a bad hum... The tank is in a bedroom, so noise is a definite 
> concern.

Rather than looking for a quiet "generic" shop light it might be better to
get some higher-quality replacement ballasts at a home supply store and
wire your own light.  The ballasts generally come with a wiring diagram,
guidelines and cautions.  At the cost of more work you get less noise,
less heat, more flexibility and quite possibly longer tube life.  The job
isn't real complicated and it would be even easier if the person who wrote
in a few days ago about using ABS plumbing parts to make waterproof
endcaps came through with details!. 

> - - Will the Trumpet Snails survive the loaches? I would think so, if they 
> stay in the substrate.

Hmmm.  No and maybe.  Clown loaches (mine, at least) are active snail
predators and will dig into the substrate to get at burrowing snails. 
Once my loaches got big enough they eradicated the snail population.  Or
appeared to, anyway...  I noticed several years later that the area under
the ugf plate harbored a small population of snails.  While the snails did
manage to survive I doubt that this mode of survival really allowed them
to do much good for my substrate. 

I hope someone else can respond to the rest of your questions.

> Thanks,
> Elam Ashman

Roger Miller