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Re : re: lumberjack apple snails

I too have had a problem with an apple snails and red a ramshorn snail.  I
witnessed the red ramshorn eat through some rot. Indica and all my vallis
was clear-cut.  I never saw the apple snail do anything, he kind of hung
out at the top of the tank.  Anyhow, I removed them both.  

I think that it is difficult to distinguish between species of snail, such
as it is with the SAE and it's look a likes.  There are probably many
species of snail contained in the grouping apple snail or ramshorn snail
and their feeding habits probably vary.  This would account for the
variance in experiences amongst hobbyists.  Following this trail it may be
a good idea for you to acquire some snails from a fellow aquarist who has
concluded that their snails are non-plant eaters.  When the next generation
comes along, it will then be seen weather this behavior is genetic or
somehow environmental (maybe needing to take more calcium in due to soft
water? - anyone care to eliminate this?)

I seem to remember someone saying that ramshorns eat green spot algae to
some extent.  To that end I am looking for some apple snails or ramshorn. 
That are non - plant eaters.  I would consider swapping for some riccia or
something else.  Any one interested by all means contact me. 

David Brooks