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RE: SAE's in the Philadelphia area (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 26 May 97 11:30:00 edt
From: "Haydt, John" <jhaydt at sungardams_com>
To: owner-aquatic-plants <owner-aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
Subject: RE: SAE's in the Philadelphia area

Hello all,

Hope I'm posting correctly.

After many months of lurking and nearly as many looking for SAE's I believe 
I've found them at "The Aquarium Center" in Clementon, NJ.  Their number is 
609-627-6262 and they are located on Blackwood-Clementon Road a couple of 
miles north of Route 42.

I started going to this shop after reading a post from someone who also 
thought theat they found SAE's at this store (I think they turned out to be 
False Siamensis).  This shop has become my favorite in the area.  They also 
devote some thirty+ tanks to plants.  I call and check for a recent plant 
shipment because they seem to move them pretty quickly (and this is a 45 
minute drive for me).

But I digress....

These little critters are small, about 1"-1.5", $1.89, and labeled as 
"Siamensis Flying Fox".  They look like the SAE in the Frank and Sarakontu 
article but since I've never seen one, I'm not positive.  Single pair of 
barbels, transparent fins, horizontal stripe extending to the tip of the 
tail, the larger ones I picked up have uneven edging on the stripe, and 
black edges on the scales in the dorsal region.

John Haydt