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Apple Snails

Hello Folks

A couple of days ago, my brother in law gave me two apple snails to put   
in my 20 gallon planted tank.  He said that they would do an amazing job   
at cleaning up any algae in the tank.

Not knowing anything about them, I gave my local fish store a call, and   
they said that yes, the little guys would eat algae, and that no, they   
would not eat plants.

I would like to teach you all a new word today, its called   
"Clear-cutting".  After about 2 hours in the tank, I discovered that   
several plant stems were floating at the top of the tank, and one of the   
snails was happily munching on the leaves of a brazilian sword.

I would like to keep them in the tank, but if this is the result, I would   
much rather keep my plants!  Does anyone out there have any experiance   
with these snails?

Thanks in advance