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Re: Plant Primer

: 2.   Don't use air pumps
: 1.  Use undergravel filters.
: Charcoal can remove critical nutrients.

   Just to be a pest ;-) I just recieved a sword from a friend that was
grown in a 20 with no UGF, an air driven filter, and a power filter with
charcoal that produced an amazing ammount of surface turbulance--it's
over 20" high with dozens of broad deep green leaves.  (She had to get rid
of it so her fish would have room to swim around again--it was only a few
inches high a few months ago. :-)

: Change 15% to 30% of the water every two weeks

   I'd go higher that that, but so much depends on the individual tank....
At any rate, an extensive, well written piece--I'm sure many of the
readers will benefit from it.

Nathan H.
Freedom's just another word for no fish left to lose....  ;-)