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Re: Virus Warning

Sorry about the virus stumble, everybody. I happen to like this mailing
list a lot and wouldn't want to risk being kicked off. It all sounded so
real. . .
	I'm a 5 year "fish" aquarist who has always loved planted tanks but
could never justify the cost. Of course, that was over three years ago
when I wasn't on the net, and I had no one to dicuss this all with. I
really appreciate this list and, hopefully, in the future I'll be in a
place to contribute my experience.
	I'm a plumber by trade and am now in the procees of building waterproof
endcaps. Still experimenting, but have found that a standard ABS plastic
trap adapter fits quite nicely over a T12 tube. With a little
gizmottizing, I think I can come up with a cheap version of the
expensive German type endcaps. I'll get back to you all with my results.
	Again, my apologies about the virus hoax.