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Award nomination and algae question

I nominate Robin Bailey <rbp at cruzio_com> for "gullible interneter of the
month" and recommend deleting her from the plant list if additional
virus alerts are posted.  Wasted baud = $$

Name that algae!  The 20g L window tank is experiencing algae that I
have not seen before.  It is green and made from tough threads that are
very, very fine.  When the algae is pulled from the tank it comes very
easily in mats.  It is almost invisible when a light infestation occurs,
but given a few days and the tank area takes on a slight greenish cast. 
I reach into the area (fish won't go in) and comb fingers through the
plants.  When the hand comes out it is covered in the green algae and it
keeps coming and coming and coming.  Sometimes in mats and other times
in strings.  SAEs, otos and Apple snails won't touch the stuff.  I'm
tesing water tonight and will begin adjusting the PMDD doses to
hopefully eliminate it.  But I'd still like to know what it is.
Rochelle Williams