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Re: [Fwd: Fwd: Another Virus Alert (Real) (All Friends)]

It is also common (accepted) practice to delete the three or four
pages of forwarding information when posting this stuff (which is
spammish by its nature, unintentional though that might be for the 
unwitting). The site this has been sent to has finite resources 
which are intended for wholly different uses. We understand you 
have the best of intentions, but the message itself (one copy, if 
on-topic or a verifiable warning), and the originator if warranted, 
is what is wanted... not the whole trail it took to get to you.

I just received a second volume of APG, solely due to the length of 
this one, off-topic false alarm.

Of course, I am now chewing up bandwidth on this off-topic issue,
myself; but perhaps we can mitigate the risk of more of the same...?


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