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Here Kitty, Kitty

I would be interested to know just how & where you're using kitty
For my first pond plants, I used the plastic mesh baskets, lined with
weed-mat, filled with kitty litter & topped with pebbles.  
I also put the darn stuff as the plant medium in the two concrete bogs
(one on each side of the pond waterfall).  These bogs have a PVC pipe
drilled with holes, in the bottom that drain into the pond.  My bright
idea was for these bogs to assist in a filtering process, whereby their
water is fed from the waterfall, which is pumped from the deep area
(40") of the 650-700 gal pond.  The bogs were layered (from the bottom
up) with volcanic rock/large pebbles/small pebbles/kitty litter/small
pebbles. Everything was washed except the kitty litter!

The pond kept getting "milkier & milkier", so I plugged up the bog
drains, repotted the plants using burlap/small pebbles/Peter's potting
soil/small pebbles.

In case anyone is interested, the square baskets & burlap came from
Lowe's. I cut the top & bottom from 1-gal milk jug, placed pebbles over
the inside bottom of the cut-to-size burlap, put in the milk jug, put
pebbles between jug & burlap to the top of the basket.  I then filled
the jug with potting soil, put in the plant, carefully wiggled the jug
out & over the plant top, & placed pebbles on the top.  
These pots I acclimated in a large tub of water from the pond - after a
couple hours, they were carefully lowered into the pond.  No leeching of
potting soil into the pond!

Back to the bogs!
After their being plugged for 5 days (a rain down-pour overflowed them
during this time), the plants were looking great -  starting to put on
new growth.  
This, however, was not the intention of the bog!
Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I have now cleaned out one bog. 
Spent all day "washing" kitty litter (used a large kitchen strainer) &
stones. Thank goodness we live in the country & have a home well.

I replaced everything in that bog, as before, except a layer of weed-mat
between the "washed" kitty litter & stones.  After a couple days of
set-up time, I will check the drain-off.  If it is clear, I will re-do
the other bog. If it is not clear, I have no idea what to do next.  
Anyone tried planting into just pebbles?  If I go with builder's sand,
will it need to be washed?  This I will also have to purchase.  With any
recommendations, please keep in mind this is a small town.  Other than
Lowe's & Walmart, our nearest place to purchase goldfish, good plants &
other pond supplies is 40 miles away.

James Daniel (Jim) Mims & Rachel (Mavis) Tomlinson-Mims @ Lake City, FL
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> Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:23:16 -0700 (PDT)
> From: paulk at lightspeed_net (Paul Kleinkramer) 
> Kitty litter is the only type of clay substrate I have ever tried.  I get
> the cheap stuff at Wal Mart.  It comes in a big red bag.  Somewhere on the
> bag it says "100% Clay".  It seems to work great.  Maybe that's really not
> very good but it sure seems good.
> Paul
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