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Green points -Spots?

Dear friends:
I am really happy because I finally had success with aquatic plants..
Cabomba is growing, vallisnerias are not yellowissh anymore, and my
rhizomes are getting new leaves every week.
The problem was algae, until I bought a SAE. It cleaned up all my 30
liters tank in just 2 days.. Great! But now I found a new kind of algae
that my SAE don't want to eat. It is like green points, very small,
aprox 1/2 mm, they appear on the well lighted glass and leaves and it
seems to be very hard to remove by the fish. Any suggestions?
Should my SAE eat it? What kind of algae SAEs wont eat?

Sorry if people who was expecting for the Graphic archive on building
the yeast DIY CO2 system with the IV/Blood system didn't received it.
Please try to find one of those systems and use your imagination. I
think that there are hundreds of ways to use those cheap parts to make a
Yeast CO2 system.

About rhizomes, anybody know the way to put them in cold water for the
winter period or something like that? Do they need it
? I read that they don't like to live in warm water for long periods..
Thanks for any comments..
Jeronimo, from the Tango city!