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Re: Christine's Concerns

> Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 10:48:47 -0700
> From: Christine Martens <Christine_Martens at qmgates_affymax.com>
> Subject: Kitty litter additives
> I have another concern about the use of kitty litter in the aquarium 
> substrate, mine much more mundane that whether its CEC is appropriate > or whatever! Since I have 2 cats I have reason to pay attention to 
> this subject--and I _thought_ I knew what kitty litter is! 
> area of the country to another. My bigger concern is that essentially > all of the kitty litters sold now contain some sort of additives--all > of which seem undesirable in an aquarium. Even the el-cheapo grocery 
> store brand now contains something that claims to be a deodorizer.   Kitty litter is an alternative substrate that has served me well. Both in my article and on my web page I do make warning about deodorizers in the kitty litter. I also suggest they avoid clumping litter, even though I'm not so sure it woudn't make a great substrate.
  As far as finding El Cheapo "all natural clay" kitty litter, it hasn't
been a problem in the many major grocery stores I shop or even at most
pet shops. 
> Gravel over sterilized backyard soil has worked well for me, 
> but every tank is different.
   The way this comment is written could be construed that I'm in
disagreement about backyard soil. I'm not. I just not willing to
recommend it over kitty litter, and I listed my reasons.   

> Christine in Palo Alto, same old boring beautiful weather
 If your bored, the thought occured to me that once I figure out how to
master my web pages, that I could probably add a link to your e-mail
address. In this way you could help folks in all sorts of countries, not
to mention such sandy states like Fla. or organic rich states in the US,
determine if they had the right stuff, and how to amend it. Then there
is defining what is rich, organic, loam, sterilization, how much
fertilizer, contamination etc.
 If you want the link, let me know at my e-mail address. :-)
Dan Quackenbush