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Re: Blower Vs. Compressor

>Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 05:38:06 -0500
>From: "David Jones" <pommie at concentric_net>
>Hi All,
>I am busy setting up a nursery for aquatic plants and have been collecting
>catalogs from all kinds of suppliers that might have relevant equipment
>I have found most of the catalogs relating to commercial scale fish
>breeding offer blowers rather than the air compressor that I had been
>looking forward to buying.
>I realize that I dont need 90 PSI. but was fondly anticipating a
>collection of pneumatic tools after going to the expense of acquiring a
>Does any one have suggestions as to why blowers predominate the aquatic
>industry, the cost seems about the same so that appears not to be the

I know of one possibility that has so far kept me from looking into using a
regular air compressor in fishroom designs.  

Piston air compressors require oil for lubrication, and that oil does find
its way into the compressed air and regulator.  I've seen a number of
compressors that have liquid traps in-line coming off of the regulator, and
I suspect that these would work to an extent, but I'm not sure about
blowing petroleum vapors through the tanks.  Otherwise, a
compressor/regulator hooked up to the air-handler for a fishroom would be a
nice way to have air even when the power goes off for a while.

David W. Webb in humid Plano, TX.