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Re: Finding Otos

   >>Speaking of otos...

I am an Aquatic-plants newbee and am assuming ottocinclus are an
appropriate subject for this forum because, tho fish, they are useful to
planted tanks.

I purchased my first 2 ottos about 3 weeks ago. One flourished and one
languished and died as if severely depressed or lead poisoned. I went to
the fish store to replace the departed otto specifically requesting one
with perky fins, light color and hyperactivity. They informed me ottos are
rather hard to transport and that a lot tend to die off after each new
shipment; the sales person even admitted having repeated bad luck with the
ottos she took home. I got one I thought was rather skinny but didn't
complain because it was a free replacement. After releasing it in the tank
it very quickly began following around my existing fat and happy otto
thereby inciting a lot of open water swimming back and forth the length of
the tank. For three days now I have watched them spawn in the morning when
the lights go on. They are sooo cute (kissy, kissy, kissy, tail hug) and
are laying clusters of 2 to 8 eggs on a plastic plant located near the
water fall of a power filter.

>>...Two are now very large and two medium (males and females, maybe?)...<<

My very limited observations distinguish the female as being broader across
the head and belly than a male of the same length.

So who is an otto authority?
How hard is an otto hatchery?
Where are these fish natives to?
How long do they live in a tank?

Jeff Kropp, Oakland, CA