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Last word Sparrow and Dan Q. (yawn)

Sorry about this folks. please ignore if you are as bored as I am sure we
>> However, I think the response from DQ was quite un-called for in it's
>> patronising and facetious tone, I know irony does not travel well 
>> across the atlantic in either direction, but even after making > allowances.........
>Guilty as charged, but with reason. 
>   I wouldn't give 2 cents for all the political correctness in the
>world. This does not mean I don't understand the words sensitivity and
>courtesy. I answer about 100 e-mail questions a week from Universities,
>pet shops, newbies and oldies. Most of them are asking for my opinions
>and advice. It's rare that I take over 24 hrs. to reply. Most, also
>understand that my advice is freely given and are polite enough to use
>real names. If someone wants to use an alias to solicit information from 
>me, that's fine too. I respect that as long as it's addressed to me at
>my personal e-mail address. I might also add, that most folks, whether
>they agree with my thoughts or not, send a little thank you. That's nice
>and that's class (which I can also recognize).
And also takes a little time. I read the "snaky" reply to APD before the "nice"
one to me personally
>  In the "birds" chastisement of me above, he didn't mention that he
>sent me the same message to my personal e-mail address. Shortly after
>recieving it, I sent him my reply. I answered all your questions with NO
But Dan, it WAS explicitly stated in the original Question, Vis.
"Ps I was going to post similar questions to the APD, but I am in a hurry so
I'll just post this letter as is. Hope you or the APD don't mind,
Thanks for your wisdom," 

>  I got no reply. A half day later, the same message pops up here in the
>APD. It even had my name still on it.  Puzzling, that he wants a
>personal response from me in an international forum. 
It was the same letter, sent to both addresses as the headers will show. The
fact that it took a little while longer to show up on APD is a fact of internet
Only, surely, to the deeply paranoid..

> As far as referring to him as a "little bird in distress", there's no
>retraction from me. Using an alias is the same as being anonymous. In a
>personal note, I don't care what your name is. In a message sent to a
>public forum, it loses a great deal of credibility. Since you use
>Sparrow with out a Mr. or Ms., first or last name, calling you a little
>bird seems quiet accurate. 
The name I use on the internet is the name I use in my daily life, strange as it
might seem, it is much more likely that anyone who wanted to find me would
search for that rather than my given name, I had forgotten that I had removed my
given name from my sig for reasons of brevity, nothing more.
If anyone else is as concerned as Dan on this, my passport etc has:
Stephen Parry on it.
Taking the P*** out of anyone's name is boring and childish. When one's own is
Quackenbush it adds folly to puerility.
>You also took issue with me when I suggested that most substrates are
>Sparrow said
>> Most substrates are NOT anaerobic,
Seems I was wrong, that's what this forum is for surely
>BTW- I won't answer any more of this thread on sand washing, except at
>my personal e-mail address. 
Quite so, and nor shall I.
>Dan Quackenbush

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