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Finding Otos

Jonathan wrote:

>Jonathan in Maryland, where the mercury hit 96 F yesterday!
>P.S. I found another one of my otos, so it appears that I've only lost

I read your original posting about your otos but couldn't make time to
reply. I'm sure that all of them are in there somewhere, Jonathan. Get a
flashlight and look around in the tank at night. I have four otos and have
had them since the tank was set up. When they were little they were out and
about all the time. Then they took to hiding. I was sure they had all died.
I was about to buy more when I discovered one or two while looking for
Malaysian Trumpet snails at night with a flashlight. Some more *very
careful* looking (they hide really well) found the other two. At various
times I've since thought I had only two or three but if I really search I
always find them all. Two are now very large and two medium (males and
females, maybe?). So don't assume they are dead.

Speaking of otos, one of my largest has a fleshy looking growth near a gill
around a front fin. It doesn't seem to bother the fish. It's whitish-pink
with some red specks on it. Anyone any ideas what this is?

in Vancouver were it has been summer for 5 days now -- hot and dry.