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Re: Starting over

>Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 16:30:10 -0500
>From: jwilson at mnw_net (Jon Wilson)
>I'm thinking about just putting in plants, and the cleaning crew (SAEs,
>ottos, clown plecos, etc), before I worry about schooling fish. Anyone
>want to point out anything I should look at? I've only kept goldfish
>over the last ten years, and know NOTHING about any other fish.

I guess I'm just response-happy today or something.  :-)

In addition to the fish you've mentioned, platies and ghost shrimp are good
choices for your algae crew.  If your water is harder or slightly saline,
mollies are also a good choice.

Your best response to algae in the tank can be in the following two areas: 

1.  Don't feed.  Let the plants outcompete the algae.  This will sort
itself out over the space of about 2 months, with the cyanobacteria being
the last to depart.

2.  Use the cleanup crew to help keep the algae down.

Both of these together is a very effective way of starting a plant tank,
but I will add that there are other ways too, such as using PMDD from the
start and maintaining balanced nutrient levels in the tank.  The method I
describe doesn't try to achieve an optimal nutrient balance, but rather
tries to starve the algae out, since the plants have larger nutrient
reserves than algaes do.

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