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Re: Flourish

>Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 13:55:47 -0400
>From: Bjorn Straube <straube at digital_net>
>Subject: Antibiotics/Flourish
>  Also, is anyone using Flourish by seachem?  I'd like to use it in my
>PMDD.  Is this a good product?  The pet store promotes it but then again
>they are trying to sell it.

I use Flourish as a base for my fertilizer, and add additional micronized
iron (unmeasured amount) to the eye dropper that I dose with.  This turns
the Flourish nearly black instead of the bronze-red that it is in my
1-liter jug.  

I'm only moderately impressed with Flourish, and it contains one
ingredient, a gluconate preservative that I'm not too excited about at all.
If I ever run out of Flourish (1 drop every 3 days, 1 liter jug), I'll
probably switch to PMDD.

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