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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #719

In a message dated 5/20/97 6:38:02 AM, you wrote:

>I thought about doing a huge water change and just leaving it sit as is,
>with lights, and wait until the algae consumes all the nutrients and
>finally dies. Has this actually worked for anyone? Maybe if Simizine was
>added after the algae starting starving off?

Better yet do a water change, clean as much algae as you can, then leave the
lights off for a week, repeat the water change and cleaning. you may want to
do this for three weeks or so. The problem with such a large tank is that you
will need to add a lot of plants at once when you start again, I mean "A LOT"
then I would start the light back at 8 hours a day and inch it back up to 10
or 11 hours. I would add some laterite balls or equivalent to the substrate
and use only a daily iron+ supplement(dupla 24 or homemade) for the first
month or so....Good luck!