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Starting over

My tank has finally deteriorated to the point that I am willing to start
over. Here are the basics:

225 gallon
Icecap with 2 160 watt VHO Actinic Sun
2 wet/drys with 2 Hydrothrusters
30 watt UV sterilizer
Sandpoint CO2 w/ controller
programmable controller that runs all of the above

I have been trying to keep rare/large goldfish and plants for many
years, but it is a major pain. The goldfish produce waste at an alarming
rate, and I can't keep up. They are also incredibly hard on plants. the
tank is a disaster at the moment. I've removed all of the dead/algae
covered plants and given the goldfish to another collector. 

So now I have a large tank full of algae and two clown plecos, nitrates
at 40 ppm and phosphates at 5 ppm. I want to start over, but I'm afraid
the algae is so firmly entrenched into the system that I may not be able
to get plants going again. I would rather not try to bleach the tank,
but I don't know of any other ways to kill all of the algae. Most of the
algae is green and on the back glass. There are a couple small patches
of blue-green in the substrate next to the glass. There is also a bit of
brown (diatom?) here and there.

I thought about doing a huge water change and just leaving it sit as is,
with lights, and wait until the algae consumes all the nutrients and
finally dies. Has this actually worked for anyone? Maybe if Simizine was
added after the algae starting starving off?

Now I get to hit the Krib to try and decide what kind of fish to buy to
go with all the new plants I have to buy.
With large goldfish, I only kept 7-15 fish. I think I can keep a lot
more tropicals than that.

I'm thinking about just putting in plants, and the cleaning crew (SAEs,
ottos, clown plecos, etc), before I worry about schooling fish. Anyone
want to point out anything I should look at? I've only kept goldfish
over the last ten years, and know NOTHING about any other fish.

Feeling poorly informed,

Jon Wilson