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Kiity litter substrate

Well if Dan did nothing else he set me a thinking (I know a dangerous
pracitice). The kitty liiter I have seen in Europe is sepiolite - look this
up and you find Meerschaum - the stuff smokers pipes are made from!. If the
little I have found is correct , it has no Fe, and a different ion exchange
capability than Zeolite whose praises are sung in many places and also used
for kitty litter.

In Dan's defence, he clearly stated that the litter he was speaking about
was Laterite (common US clay litter)

If my experience in changing cat boxes is anything to go by, Sepiolite also
has much more dust. i.e. more difficult to wash. 

Moral of the story - all kitty litters are not created equal. I would
consider using laterite but not zeolite or sepiolite in my aquarium as a

Mark Hack
Where the rain in Spain does NOT fall mainly on the plain!